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January 2015

Just for Fun: Hash Table Implementation in C
JSON Encoding in Go: Dealing with Sensitive Fields

April 2014

Solving a 2014 Google I/O Secret Invite Puzzle

November 2013

Java: Performance Testing Hibernate Query Approaches
Java: Exercising Caution With Hibernate Entities

October 2013

Asserting Exceptions With JUnit Rules: IsEqual Matcher
Asserting Exceptions With JUnit Rules: Custom Matchers
Asserting Exception Messages With JUnit Rules
Conditionally Run JUnit Integration Tests with Spring

September 2013

Object/Relational Mapping: Know Your Frameworks
Java: Don't Rely on EntityManager.persist() for Immediate Insert

August 2013

Builder Pattern Instead of Error-Prone Constructors

June 2013

Apache Camel: Powerful EIP Framework
PDF Emailer v2.1: Multiple Recipient Support

March 2013

Java: Copy/Paste-Safe Logger Creation
Java: Embedding Spring Batch Admin Into An Existing Application

February 2013

Java: Maven Environment Variables on OS X

July 2012

Solving a Mobile PDF Problem