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Mouse Issues on Mac OS X 10.8 [SOLVED] 

I recently started noticing performance issues with my new Logitech M570 trackball. Occassionally, when moving the mouse, the cursor would briefly freeze, and then show up on the far end of the screen. It seemed as though there was a high priority task that would spike the cpu every 5 seconds or so.

At first, I thought it was an issue with the mouse's wireless communication, so I tried wired mice and found the same issue. I went through the normal process of elimination, stopping bluetooth, Internet and File Sharing, Spotlight indexing, iCloud, Messages, Quicksilver, Flux, Backblaze, and all of the launch agents, daemons, and startup items.

It turns out that the issue was caused by Apple's Screen Mirroring. I usually have two displays hooked up to my Mac Pro: an Apple Cinema Display and a Dell UltraSharp U2711. I often share the Dell with another computer, and since it has so many inputs (unlike the Cinema Display), I just use a different input, rather than disconnect it from my Mac. Since the Mac then has no idea that I can't see what it's doing on the Dell anymore, I tell it to mirror the display on both screens.

When I unhooked the Dell from my Mac, everything worked as it should. My apologies to the hardworking developers whose work I cursed under my breath the past few days - this time, it was Apple's fault. 


Java: Maven Environment Variables on OS X

Mac OS X comes with Apache Maven preinstalled. However, you're still going to need to set some environment variables to get up and running.

Verify that maven installed in /usr/share/maven:

    ls /usr/share/maven

Add the following line to your ~/.profile

    # Set the M2_HOME environment variable
    export M2_HOME=/usr/share/maven

    # Put maven on your path
    export PATH=$M2_HOME/bin:$PATH

This won't take effect until you either reboot or open a new terminal window. You can reload the file in the current terminal window with the following command:

    source ~/.profile